Model HQTModel HQT

The HQT is a rugged, reliable antenna designed for professional drivers.  It  combines our well known HQ-27 "Power Packer" antenna on a high quality  3-way mirror mount.

All fittings are 3/8" X 24 for easy addition of springs, accessories, and  replacement antennas.  The antenna is only 51 inches tall and comes with 12 feet of coax with a PL-259 soldered on connectors on both ends.

Model HQDModel HQD

A dual version of the HQT and includes a 17 foot phasing harness.

Model TLA-27LsModel TLA-27Ls

Our FG-27s antenna on a high quality Hustler truck lip mount.  The antenna is only 49 inches tall, and the TLA-27Ls includes 17 feet of coax with a small break away connector 1 foot from the mount to make routing the coax through the vehicle and under the carpets easy.