Model RTG-27LModel RTG-27L

The best selling gutter mount antenna ever made, the RTG-27L is famous for its easy tuning characteristics and for the kind of  performance you would expect from a much larger antenna. The mount is constructed from special marine quality brass which is chrome plated. A swivel ball insures proper vertical positioning of the antenna.

Only 25 inches tall, includes 12 feet of coax.

Model RTS-27LModel RTS-27L

The  antenna of choice for roof mounting on vans and pickups, the RTS-27L installs in  a 3/4 inch hole on any flat surface.  The unique mount and cable assembly design  assures a fast, simple installation without pulling the headliner.

Includes a stainless steel spring and 17 feet of coax.

Model DTGModel DTG
DUAL version of the above.



Model RTMModel RTM

Our  famous RTG style short antenna is now available on a compact magnetic  mount.

Only 25 inches tall, the RTM includes a stainless steel spring and 15 feet of coax.  It is easily stored away when not in use.

Close  up color photo of base and spring.