Obtaining  Permission to Reprint or Reproduce New-Tronics Material

Please read through our Frequently Asked Questions before submitting this form.

Permission Procedures

The following form is provided for your use to request permission to reprint or reproduce any New-Tronics material for other than noncommercial, private use only. Please send the Required Information in writing by mail to:

Rice Jackson
c/o New-Tronics Antenna Corporation
One New-Tronics Place
Mineral Wells, Texas 76067-9563

You may also submit permission requests via facsimile to (707) 220-0560 or by e-mail to rj@terra360.com.  Permissions will be granted in writing and returned by facsimile or regular mail.

Required Information:

  • Your name.
  • Your company name.
  • Your address, telephone and facsimile numbers.
  • Title or description and URL information for images or other material you wish to use from New-Tronics' Web site.  It is very important to include the URL.
  • Number of pages or images to be used.
  • Title  of your publication or description of your intended use.
  • Name of publisher.
  • Medium in which the material will be used (book, article, periodical, brochure,  advertisement, on-line, etc.).
  • Description and size of intended audience.
  • Estimated number of copies to be reproduced.
  • Whether the publication will be distributed for free or sold.
  • Period and territory in which the material will be distributed.

Due to the number of requests received, responses will be made within 21 working days.  Administrative charges or permission fees may be incurred. Permissions will be granted in writing by facsimile or regular mail.