The unique design of the Hustler HF Mobile System results in transmission and reception ranges which are far superior to any conventional antenna.  This system gives you the lowest S.W.R. and the widest bandwidth attainable in a mobile antenna. The stable mast insures true vertical polarization at all times.  Ultra high efficiency Super Resonators provide the ultimate in coil design. Convenience features such as fold over masts and quality quick disconnects make this heavy duty system user friendly.
     As your communications hobby grows, the incredibly flexible Hustler HF Mobile System grows with you. Super and Standard Resonators are available for the 10, 11, 12, 15, 17, 20, 30, 40, 75 and 80 meter amateur bands as wells as for Civil Air Patrol and MARS frequencies.
     Choose your mounting location - bumper, fender or deck, and customize your antenna with a choice of three mast types, two CB resonators and a variety of mounts and accessories.

Select from Quality Deck, Fender or Bumper Mount Designs. All masts are 54" tall.
HF Hingemast

Model MO-1 (far left)

  • For deck or fender mounting, folds at roof line 15" above the base.
  • Shake proof clutch sleeve.
  • Masts are made from the highest quality heat treated aluminum and chrome plated brass.
  • Stainless steel base is threaded to fit all Hustler and other 3/8" x 24 thread ball mounts.

Model MO-2 (2nd from left)

  • Same as the MO-1 but folds at the roof line, 27" above the base for bumper mounting.

Model MO-3 (no hinge, 3rd from left)

  • 54" high aluminum mast, white vinyl coating.
  • Stainless steel base is threaded to fit all Hustler and other 3/8" X 24 thread ball mounts.

Model MO-4 (right)

  • Only 22" long.
  • Suitable for trunk or deck mounting, includes three new tip rods.
  • 3/8" x 24 threads at both ends.

RM-11 and RM-11S models

Standard and Super Resonators


  • RM-11
    • Description:
      • 400 watts
      • 72" with mast
    • Approximate Bandwidth:
      • 250 kHz.
  • RM-11S
      • 1000 watts
      • 82" with mast
    • Approximate Bandwidth:
      • 500 kHz.

Model SCBModel SCB SCB and SCB-S Antennas

     Designed to meet the most demanding applications, the SCB sets new standards in electrical performance as well as durability.  The large diameter, high efficiency coil is computer designed to the optimum length to diameter ratio.  This results in a coil capable of easily covering 120 channels at 1000 watt power levels.  The lower half of the SCB is constructed from 3/8 inch diameter, solid stainless steel rod which is virtually indestructible. A stainless steel spring is mounted on he top of the coil where shock absorption is most effective.  The SCB is 46 inches tall.  The SCB-S is only 35 inches tall. Both are available in red, white, black and blue (shown). It mates with 3/8" X 24 threaded mounts.


  • SCB
    • Description
      • 22" height to coil
      • 46" overall height
    • Approximate Bandwidth:
      • 250-400 kHz.
  • SCB-S
    • Description:
      • 9" height to coil
      • 35" overall height
    • Approximate Bandwidth:
      • 150-200 kHz.