Model DCX DisconeModel DCX Discone
40-950 MHz., vertically polarized, and no adjustments required.

  • Ideal  for scanning public service, aircraft, mobile and telephone frequencies.
  • Easily assembled and installed.
  • Reliable,  high strength design incorporates solid aluminum rod, hardware and mounting  assembly included.
  • Mounts on vertical support to 1.25" O.D.
  • 55"  cone elements.
  • Weight: 4.5 lb.

Model DCL

  • Discone furnished with 50' coax and installed connectors:  PL-259 on one end, and monitor pin plug type on the other end.  Also available with a BNC connector, Model DCL-B.
  • Weight: 4.5 lb.

Model MBM Super magnetModel MBM  "Super" Magnet

  • 95 lb. pull strength.
  • Powerful 5 inch magnet.
  • 16 feet RG 58 coax with PL-259 connector.
  • 3/8" X 24 female threads.
  • Recommended for antennas up to 48" high.