All Models in the Amateur Base Spirit Series

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Designed to meet the demanding requirements of the professional communication market, the Hustler Spirit Series of vertical antennas is now available  for Amateur Radio frequencies.  The Spirit antenna is virtually impervious to lightning, ice, wind and water.

Our Offset Radiator  (O.S.R.) design features phased 1/2 wave radiators which yield precise radiation  angle control and very wide bandwidth.  All O.S.R. materials are carefully  selected to minimize the possibility of intermodulation.  Heavy duty radiating  elements and feed system allows high maximum power.  Lightning protection is provided by a brass lightning prong at the top of which is connected to a 0.25"  diameter copper tube running the length of the antenna for grounding to your support structure. If you have had a lightning problem in the past, this  antenna will solve it.

A 1.75" diameter white extruded fiberglass radome is combined with a 2' long heavy wall (0.125")  aluminum base.  This combination provides stable vertical rigidity even in high  winds.  Wind survival is 130 mph.  Weather proofing is accomplished through the  use of a sealed type N female connector.  Removable drain plugs and O-rings allow proper drainage of internal condensation whether in the upright or inverted position.

Professional quality galvanized steel mounting clamps are provided.  The rigid design of the clamps  prevent racketing or twisting of the antenna in high winds.  The clamps accept  mounting pipes from 1.5" to 3.25" in diameter, or angle members up to 2.5" per side.