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Hustler, Inc. has been producing HF vertical antennas of unusual electrical performance and mechanical integrity since 1959.  Many of those original verticals are still in service after over 30 years of reliable operation.

Our exclusive trap design offers the lowest loss possible. A special extrusion process allows us to produce trap covers to an otherwise unattainable close tolerance, assuring accurate and permanent resonance. Our highly accurate traps provide top signal reports and consistent contacts. 

Accurate tuning is made possible by the wide range of tuning flexibility designed into our verticals. Not only can you use the normal adjustable tubing to change resonance, but the traps themselves can be field tuned for an additional 2 MHz. shift. This flexibility will enable you to achieve a good S.W.R. even if your installation is not ideal.

All Hustler verticals will easily handle the full legal limit of power and will cover 10-40 meters with an S.W.R. of 1.6:1 at band edges.  75 or 80 meter bandwidth on the 5-BTV and 6-BTV is 80 kHz. under 2 to 1. We believe that a fixed stations antenna is only as good as it's ability to stay up. We further believe that the mechanical design of our verticals is superior to any other. Large diameter 1.25 inch tubing is used to from top to bottom.  Our base assembly utilized a center tube (see illustration) with a 0.315 inch wall thickness, unequaled in the industry.  The trap coils are wound around solid one inch diameter fiberglass cores.  Our rugged construction is so obvious that we invite you to look at our verticals and compare them to other brands. One glance will convince you.

Solid signals, solid construction and solid value... three solid reasons to purchase a Hustler Vertical.